About us

Oriana Music began publishing in 2004. The name is taken from Thomas Morley’s 1601 madrigal anthology The Triumphes of Oriana, in which all the madrigals end with the refrain ‘Thus sang the nymphs and shepherds of Diana, long live fair Oriana’; the name is understood to refer to Queen Elizabeth I.

We specialise in music for viols, our catalogue particularly features literature chosen to be suitable for beginners, drawing on Johanna’s long experience of teaching both adults and children, and music in tablature for lyra viol, often under-represented in other catalogues. A further significant category is music for voices and viols presented in editions which enable joint performance by singers and instrumentalists, whether it be by taking account of historical transposition conventions, or transpositions which acknowledge likely historic pitch standards or voice types, or simply by providing enough parts in different clefs.


We are a part-time team of two, the editing, typesetting and printing is fitted in alongside teaching, organising courses and performing. We print only just enough copies to keep ahead of demand, so misprints and errors can easily be corrected more or less as soon as they are spotted; we welcome feedback from users.