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Viol Music for Beginners


The Triumphes of Oriana: English madrigals for Voices & Viols from The Triumphes of Oriana and other collections c.1600
Viol Consort AlmayneJohanna Carter, Agnes Reiner, Christian Schlatte, Julian Grahsl & Richard Carter
ensemble 15.21 - Elisabeth Sturm, Christina Foramitti, Pia Ernstbrunner, Judith Mandlburger, 
Johannes Kerschner, Gottfried Mandlburger & Joachim Unger
- madrigals and viol fantasies by Richard Nicholson, Orlando Gibbons, John Coprario, Michael East,  
John Wilbye, Thomas Holmes, Michael Cavendish, Thomas Vautor, John Ward, Thomas Weelkes & John Bennet

CD TV 501
€ 16,00

'contentement passe richesse': Music for viol and theorbo from the Goëss Tablatures, c.1650-1680
The Little Consort
Johanna Valencia -
Lyra Viol
Hermann Platzer - Theorbo
Richard Carter - Bass Viol
- solo music for lyra viol by Dietrich Stöeffken & John Jenkins
- solo music for theorbo by Nicolas Hotman, Estienne le Moyne, Jacques de Saint-Luc & Jean-Baptiste Lully
- Divisions by Dietrich Stöeffken & Christopher Simpson

CD FB 01
€ 18,00

What if a Day:
Music from Sir Peter Leycester's A Booke of Lessons for the Lyro=Viole
Johanna Valencia - Lyra Viol
- pieces in seven different tunings by John Jenkins, William Lawes, Charles Colman, William Young, Thomas Gregorye, Joseph Sherlie, Richard Pickeringe, Peter Warner, Robert Blagrave, John Lawrence & Anon.

CD ORF 3098
€ 18,00

Music from the Time of Louis XIV
Tientos: Johanna Valencia - recorders and viola da gamba
                         Jorge Daniel Valencia - viola da gamba
                         Thomas C. Boysen - theorbo
                         Jürgen Kroemer - harpsichord
- music by Marin Marais, Jaques-Martin Hotteterre Le Romain, Sieur de Sainte-Colombe, Jacques Morel & Michel Pignolet de Montéclair

CD GAU 240
€ 15,00

Renaissance Consort

a6        a6        a6

Alfonso Ferrabosco I:
Fantasy No. 2 a6 di Sei Bassi
- with two transposed versions, di Sei Bassetti & di Sei Tenori
OM109 Score & parts
€ 9,00

a5        a5        a5

Bartholomeus Praetorius: Newe Liebliche Paduanen und Galliarden, 1616, mit fünff Stimmen
- a5 for viols or violins
OM107a Score & Parts (Alto clef)
OM107b Score & Parts (Treble clef)
€ 38,00

Pavin of Albarti and Gallyard, from the 'Arundel Part Books', c1560
- a5, in both alto and treble clef versions
OM110 Five playing scores
€ 7,00

a4        a4        a4

Horatio Vecchi:
Fantasia a4 Senza parole, from Selva di vario ricreatione, 1590
- inner parts in both alto and octave treble clefs
OM116 Score & parts
€ 8,00

a3        a3        a3

Thomas Morley: 19 Canzonets a3, from Canzonets, or Little Short Songs to Three Voyces, 1593
- transposed for three bass viols
OM123a Score & parts (bass & alto clefs)
OM123b Score & parts (bass & treble clefs)
€ 30,00

a2        a2        a2

Thomas Morley: Nine Fantasies a2 from The First Booke of Canzonets to Two Voyces, 1595
                                & six Duos from A Plaine and Easie Introduction to Practicall Musicke, 1597
- transposed for bass viols
OM127 Score & parts
€ 20,00

Lyra Viol

Lessons for the Lyra Viol from 'The Ballet Lutebook'
OM101 Vol.1: 23 Pieces, fefhf, ffeff, fhfcf
€ 13,00
OM102 Vol.2: 24 Pieces, ffhfh, efhfh, hfhfh
€ 15,00
OM103 Vol.3: 17 Pieces, fhfhf, ffhfh
€ 14,00
All three volumes
€ 38,00

William Lawes: Lessons for three Lyra Viols
- 6 pieces in 'Eights' fhfhf
OM114 Score & Parts
€ 20,00

Birds Lullaby: Lulla, Lullaby by William Byrd
- reconstructed from The John Browne Bandora & Lyra Viol Book
- set for three Lyra Viols 'Alfonso way' ffhfh
OM119 Score & Parts
€ 14,00

Robert Taylor: Two Almaines for three Lyra Viols
- 'Alfonso way' ffhfh
OM120 Score & Parts
€ 14,00


Bass Viol(s) & Basso Continuo

Joseph Bodin de Boismortier: « Petites sonates suivies d'une Chaconne », Op. 66, 1737
- Pour deux Bassons, Violonchelles ou Violes
OM111 Two playing scores
€ 30,00

Mr. (André Danican) Philidor « L'Ainé » : Four suites
from « Pieces a deux Basse de Viole, Basse de Violon et Basson », 1700
- Version for two cellos
OM112 Two playing scores
€ 17,00

Diego Ortiz: Recercadas sobre Tenores italianos
          - nine Recercadas for bass viol & harpsichord from Libro secondo, 1533
OM121 Two playing scores
€ 17,00

Daniel Eberlin & August Kühnel: Seven Partitas from the 'Kassel Tablatures' (c1680-90)
- for two bass viols or bass viol and Bc
(parts in tablature (ffeff) or staff notation)
OM122a Score & staff notation parts
€ 19,00
OM122b Score & tablature parts
€ 19,00
OM122ab Score & both sets of parts
€ 25,00

Arcangelo Corelli:
Twelve Sonatas op. 5 (1700)
from the anonymous contemporary transcription for bass viol and Bc, ms in the Bibliothèque nationale, Paris.
- Six Sonatas 'da chiesa' nos I-VI
OM124 Score & parts
€ 36,00
- Five Sonatas 'da camera' nos VII-XI
OM125a Two playing scores
€ 20,00
OM125b Three playing scores
€ 25,00
(2nd & 3rd playing scores available with Bc in bass & tenor or bass & alto clefs)
- 'Follia' no. XII
OM126 Score & parts
€ 13,00
- complete in three volumes
OM124, OM125b & OM126
€ 65,00


Baroque Orchestra

Jean-Baptiste Lully fils: « Concert de violons et hautbois », 1707
- for 5-part strings (Vn, Va I, Va II, Va III, Bc) & Oboes
OM118 Score & Parts
Special order only

Michel-Richard Delalande:  5 Noels in D
- selected and arranged from « Noels en Trio pour les Flutes, Hautbois et Violons »
Flutes, Oboes, [Bassoons], Strings (Vn I & II, Va I, II & III, Basse), B.C.
(Viola parts editorial, winds not essential)
Score & Parts
Special order only

"Overture, Chaconne and other Instrumental Airs"

We have typeset instrumental airs from baroque stage works which may be selected and edited into suites on request. These are practical rather than critical editions, usually transcribed from one main source. Please enquire for more details.

Jean-Philippe Rameau: « Les Indes Galantes », 1736
- 35 numbers transcribed from the manuscript score in the Bibliothèque municipale, Toulouse
Flutes, Oboes, Bassoons, Trumpet, Timpani, Strings (Vn I & II, Va I & II, Basse)
(Upper strings not always divided, winds etc. not in all movements)

Henry Purcell: "King Arthur", 1691
- 13 numbers transcribed from the posthumous A Collection of Ayres, compos'd for the Theatre, 1697
Strings only (Vn I & II, Va, Bassus)

Henry Purcell: "The Old Bachelor", 1693
- 9 numbers transcribed from the posthumous A Collection of Ayres, compos'd for the Theatre, 1697
Strings only (Vn I & II, Va, Bassus)

Marc-Antoine Charpentier: « Circé », 1675
- 12 numbers transcribed from the composer's autograph score
Strings only (Vn, Va I & II, Basse de Violon)

Matthew Locke: "The Tempest", 1674
- 11 numbers transcribed from The English Opera, or The Vocal Musick in Psyche with the instrumental therein intermix'd to which is adjoyned the instrumental musick in The Tempest, 1675
Strings only (Vn I & II, Va, Bass Violin)


Voices & Viols

a6        a6        a6

Thomas Weelkes: 'What haue the Gods' & 'Mee thinkes I heare'
-two madrigals a6 from Madrigals of 5. and 6. Parts, 1600
OM108 Score & parts x2
Only a few left! € 22,00

George Kirbye: 'With Angells face and brightnesse' & Thomas Hunt 'Hark! hark, did you euer heare &c.'
- two madrigals a6 from The Triumphes of Oriana, 1601
OM113 Score & parts x2
Only a few left! € 22,00

a5        a5        a5

Iohn Holmes: 'Thus bonny bootes the birth day' & Richard Carlton: 'Calme was the Aire'
- two madrigals a5 from The Triumphes of Oriana, 1601
OM104 Score & parts x2
Only a few left! € 19,00

Iohn Wilbye: 'Sweet hony sucking Bees' & 'Yet sweet take heed'
- two madrigals a5 from The Second Set of Madrigales, 1609
OM105 Score & parts x2
Special order only € 19,00

a4        a4        a4

Thomas Ford: Ten Aires a4 to the lute & viols from Mvsicke of Svndrie Kindes, 1607
OM106a Score, parts, lute book
€ 28,00
OM106b as above + vocal score x4
€ 44,00

Thomas Campian: The First Booke of Ayres, Contayning Diuine and Morall Songs, c1613/14
- 21 songs, To be sung to the lute and viols, in two, three and foure parts
OM117a Score, parts, lute book
€ 44,00
OM117b as above + vocal score x4
€ 66,00

a3        a3        a3

Thomas Weelkes: 'My flocks feede not', 'In black mourne I' & 'Cleere wells spring not'
- three madrigals a3 from Madrigals to 3. 4. 5. and 6. voyces, 1597
OM115 Score & parts x2
€ 17,00

Note: all madrigal editions include inner parts in both alto and treble clefs, and transposed versions


Viol Music for Beginners

[Gambenschule für Kinder, 1. Teil (German only)
OM501 für Diskantgambe
€ 16,00
OM502 für Altgambe
€ 16,00]

[Gambenschule für Kinder, 2. Teil (German only)
OM521 für Diskantgambe
€ 11,00
OM520 für Altgambe
€ 11,00]

[Weihnachtslieder (German only)
OM519a für Diskant- & Altgambe
€ 10,00
OM519b für Alt- & Bassgambe
€ 10,00]

Easy Baroque Pieces – by Bach, Händel, Lully, Fischer et al.
with an accompanying part for bass viol
OM503 for treble viol
€ 10,00
OM504 for tenor viol
€ 11,00
OM505 for bass viol
€ 11,00

 Easy Renaissance Dances – by Susato, Schein, Widmann, Phalèse
with an accompanying part for bass viol
OM506 for treble viol
€ 11,00
OM507 for tenor viol
€ 12,00
OM508 for bass viol
€ 12,00

Renaissance Songs from Germany, France, Spain, England & Italy
– Hassler, Arbeau, Encina, Dowland, Gastoldi et al.
with an accompanying part for bass viol
OM509 for treble viol
€ 12,00
OM510 for tenor viol
€ 13,00
OM511 for bass viol
€ 13,00

French Duets Volume 1 – by Couperin, Boismortier, Hervelois, et al.
(Two playing scores)
OM512 for treble viol
€ 17,00
OM513 for tenor viol
€ 17,00
OM514 for bass viol
€ 17,00

French Duets Volume 2 – by Delavigne, Chédeville & Naudot
(Two playing scores)
OM522 for treble viols
€ 18,00
OM523 for tenor viols
€ 18,00
OM524 for bass viols
€ 18,00

Joseph Bodin de Boismortier Ten easy Duets (from op. 66)
(Two playing scores)
OM515 for bass viols
€ 15,00
OM516 for tenor & bass viols
€ 15,00

Mr. (André Danican) Philidor « L'Aîne » Four Suites from Pieces a deux Basses, 1700
(Two playing scores)
OM517 for bass viols
€ 17,00
OM518 for tenor & bass viols
€ 17,00